Liquid Crystal Displays

  • LCDs depend on external light source
  • It works by polarizing ambient(or natural) light.
  • Liquid crystal displays can be viewed only from a limited angle.
  • Temperature dependent(between o and 70 degree Celsius).
  • Sluggish(Making animation very difficult).
  • Flat and take very less power

Basic Components of LCD

  1. Glass or Plastic Plate which contains a liquid crystal and serves as a bonding surface for a conductive coating.
  2. Conductive Coating acts as a conductor so that a voltage can be applied across the liquid crystal
  3. Liquid Crystal a substance which will polarize light when a voltage is applied to it.
  4. Polarized film: a transparent sheet that polarizes light.The axis of polarization is set at 90 degrees out of phase with the axis of polarization of the liquid crystal.

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